Khleon is developing the first of its kind, web 3.0 platform for all personality types to share quality information about their human experience through video, audio and written posts. Khleon is a platform where users will witness a variety of personalities in action in different instances and how they perform on a daily basis.


How It Will Function

Since forever, we have assumed that all humans are alike, think alike and act alike, anytime, anywhere. We, instead, are using the Myers Briggs, Enneagram and the Big 5 Personality metrics to carefully identify our users and qualify all shared content within the platform. There is always a qualitative approach to any life-situation that fits perfectly one personality type over the other. Khleon synchronizes people that think on the same synergy for educational purposes with self-growth intentions.


When we are born into this world, we are pressured into adapting to it by force-morphing our personalities to fit the ecosystem’s narrative we found ourselves in. As if this were not dejecting enough, much of our contribution benefits a very small minority to the greatest amount. Those at the top. Khleon believes that each individual should be paid to learn, develop & become their own persona. We are not machines. We are sentient beings that have unique & crafted skills that cannot be replicated or replaced. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are making this a possibility for all of us. You now can make a decent living by just ‘existing’ and finding out what it means to be you.

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